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What is Environmental Wellness and Why Should You Keep it in Mind When Choosing a Senior Living Community?

The National Institutes of Health want all Americans to be aware that what we surround ourselves with in our homes and neighborhoods can greatly affect our health. This is of particular importance to seniors, who may have underlying health conditions.

You can take action to protect yourself and improve the health of the world around you. Introducing daily habits that promote health and wellness can help you feel good, stay active, and be happy.

So, what is environmental wellness? And, what does environmental wellness for seniors look like?

Here are some actions you can take to make your life healthier for you. And when choosing a senior living community, you should find out how it creates a healthy environment and promotes environmental wellness for seniors.

The Importance of Air Quality

There’s nothing more important for your health than the air you breathe. Fresh air that’s free of dust and pollution gives you energy and helps your body heal. Air filters and open windows are important to improve air quality in your home. Keeping a comfortable temperature is also important. Avoid staying outdoors too long if it’s unusually hot or cold, and make sure your home temperature controls are functioning properly.

A quality senior living community will take action to protect its residents from dust and air pollutants. Proper air filters are a necessary part of an air duct system, and a regular cleaning service that includes dusting of surfaces are two important aspects of providing seniors with clean air. When researching a senior living community, be sure to ask about how that community provides clean air for its residents.

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Cultivating indoor plants is a great way to improve air quality. Plants can filter out harmful chemicals and produce oxygen. Also, gardening is proven to reduce stress, elevate your mood, and reduce the risk of cognitive decline. There are many beautiful indoor plants that are easy to care for. It’s a great hobby and a way to bring color and life into your home.

Decorate and Declutter

Downsizing from a family home can seem difficult when you have to get rid of some of your belongings. But imagine having an open space that has only items you need and are meaningful to you. Keeping your floorspace free of clutter keeps you safer from a fall and promotes a relaxing and peaceful mood.

You can keep your space simple and functional, and still use accents of color and allow for lots of sunshine. Add plenty of personal touches to make your house a home, like gifts and photos from world travels, family photos and art from the grandkids. Ask yourself what is environmental wellness to you, and how can you express it in your home?

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The high-end Tuscan design and resort-style living at Edgemere makes it a wonderful place to call home. Opportunities to have interaction with nature and your personal environment are all around you. The beauty of the outdoor areas even earned the Decade Award for landscaping.

Live in Harmony with the Earth

You can take action to protect the environment for you and for future generations. Bring reusable bags to the grocery, use non-toxic cleaning products, minimize junk mail and recycle waste to create a healthy environment. The senior living community you choose should be equally dedicated to environmental wellness.

What Is Environmental Wellness at Edgemere?

It’s a lifestyle that has the health of the whole person in mind, every day. The homes, common areas, activities and amenities all come together to create a healthier you. And the quality of life that surrounds you in Preston Hollow provides culture, safety and fun.

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