Interior of a senior living apartment

What to Look For in Senior Living Floor Plans

If you’ve decided to move from your family home into a senior living community, choosing your living space is one of the most fun and exciting parts of the process. Looking at the variety of floor plans available, you get to imagine yourself living your new life in a distinguished and distinctive space, freed from the hassles of traditional homeownership.

It’s important to work out your financial plan before you begin your new home search. This will give you a clear idea of what your choices will be.

Senior man sitting on his couch in his senior apartment

Which Floor Plan Is Right For You?

Your comfort should be your top concern when considering a new living space. Make sure the areas where you’ll be spending your time are easy to access and comfortable to use. You should expect senior living floor plans to provide wide hallways and doorways, and large bathrooms for easy movement around the home. You’re looking forward to an effortless lifestyle, where you’re free to explore your interests and make new memories, so consider which of the living spaces will best fit those needs.

Senior woman holding her granddaughter in her senior apartment

Which Floor Plans Best Fit Your Lifestyle?

As you see your floor plan options, think about which design will work best for the lifestyle you’re looking forward to. Do you love to cook? Then look for more space in the kitchen. Do you want to entertain guests? Then maybe having a dining room, or a bit more space in a sitting room, will be important to you. Maybe having a second bathroom for guests is something to consider. Would you like a home office, or will you be expecting occasional overnight guests? Then an extra bedroom would be a great fit for your lifestyle.

How Do You Make Your Final Choice?

Nothing can replace seeing a new home in person, so be certain to schedule a visit before you make your decision. Let a friendly team member walk you through each of the senior living floor plans, so you can imagine the new life that awaits you there. Notice what it feels like to walk through the door. Is it welcoming and bright? High ceilings can make living spaces feel larger. Large windows will let in the sunshine and help the space feel open and spacious. Have a look at the view. Imagine how the sunlight will flow in the bedroom in the morning. Are the design details well crafted? Does it meet the standards for the quality you deserve?

Many living spaces are unfurnished, so consider how the furniture you own will fit into the space. Bring measurements of your furniture with you, and a tape measure to see how you could arrange each piece in your new home.

Also, notice where the residence is located within the community. Do you have easy access to elevators, dining rooms and common areas? You’ll soon be enjoying distinctive social, recreational and entertainment events. You should have easy access to all of them.

You’ve built a remarkable life for yourself, and your new home should be a shining reflection of the luxury and comfort you’ve earned. When you’re ready to learn more about senior living floor plans, simply fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page, and take the first steps toward living your new life at your distinctive Edgemere address.