Crisis Strikes – What Happens When You Live in a Life Care Community?

When a crisis strikes, what do you do and who do you turn to? Once you reach a certain “seasoned” age, you have likely been through a few challenging situations. Seniors, in particular, are more vulnerable when tough times come along because if they are living on their own, they may not have the help they need to successfully navigate troublesome issues.

Recent events like the COVID-19 pandemic have taught us that even when you are prepared for challenges – weather-proofing your home for spring storm season for instance – there are simply going to be major life-changing events that no one can truly be prepared to overcome easily.

The pandemic hit the nation’s seniors harder than most other demographics. In a 2021 study funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, social isolation continues to be a factor in negatively impacting the lives of seniors. The study revealed that forty-four percent of older adults reported feeling less socially connected and more than one quarter said they were more lonely or sad since the start of COVID-19. Additionally, forty-nine percent of older adults reported that since the beginning of the pandemic, it was harder to acquire basic household supplies like cleaning products. Almost one-third said they were concerned about accessing necessities such as health care services (twenty-nine percent) and getting the food they wanted (thirty percent).

The CDC study also covered the role of technology during the pandemic. Use of virtual tools skyrocketed because of the public health recommendations in place to combat the spread of the virus. Unfortunately, lack of access to or familiarity with the internet or technology created barriers for many seniors who sought to stay connected to loved ones and to maintain access to health services.

Among many benefits of a Life Care community like Edgemere is knowing that as a resident, you never have to face any crisis on your own. The Edgemere team is available on-site, every day, no matter what issues or problems may arise. Throughout the pandemic, Edgemere leadership and team members proactively tested staff and residents alike, on a weekly basis, to contain the spread of COVID-19. All the safety protocols, including mask-wearing and maintaining distance wherever possible, were implemented and in place throughout the course of this incredibly uncertain time. And once the vaccine became available, Edgemere immediately brought it to everyone on the campus.

Similarly, during the historic winter freeze that gripped Texas in February 2021, the Edgemere team put the needs of the residents first. When the electricity went out, team members visited residents personally, ensuring safety and security, and when dining services were interrupted because of the outage, Edgemere team members purchased food from local restaurants and brought in warm meals, including as one resident noted, much-needed coffee. Weather experts reported that the Texas temperatures dipped down to record levels – the coldest in over seven decades. According to a Fox Weather story published in February 2022, Dallas spent 139 consecutive hours at or below freezing.

Fortunately for Edgemere residents, their care, safety and security are always of highest priority for the community’s leadership and team members, who, through below-zero temperatures, or even a pandemic, make it their mission to offer the highest level of service possible. While no one is immune from life’s challenges, at a Life Care community like Edgemere, daily support combined with ongoing and compassionate care is the norm. Health care, especially, remains an uninterrupted service no matter what else might be going on in the world. On-site, professional five-star care and treatment (a 5-star rating from the CDC) is available at Edgemere. Additionally, as a Life Care community, should you enter Edgemere as a resident of Independent Living, you are automatically eligible to transition to Assisted Living, Memory Care, or Skilled Nursing should you need to – usually with little to no change in your monthly fee.

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